Present Command

Its that time of year again.  Planning for NIRI-Chicago’s annual investor relations workshop is underway.  As always, it’s great to collaborate with other investor relations leaders on the planning committee.  As the committee develops a compelling agenda, we are also identifying potential speakers who can speak to our program content.  Top most in my mind is identifying people with executive presence.

What do I mean by that? It’s not just about being a good public speaker, although that’s part of it.  Executive presence is inextricably linked to key qualities of leadership centered around:  Style, Substance and Character.

  • Style: Style is related to how you present yourself and interact with others. It’s about being inclusive, respectful and acting with intention.  It’s about knowing how and when to flex from being a team leader to a team player to a coach.
  • Substance: Substance is how you connect with others, inspire commitment and align visions. It is reflected in your confidence and composure built from experience and wisdom.
  • Character: Character is foundational.  It’s comprised of your optimism, courage, integrity and values – in short, your approach to others and life.

Someone with executive presence commands the room through an authentic blend of temperament, competencies and skills.  They draw out the best in others even as they present the best in themselves.  They engage to lead – exactly what I want from speakers at our upcoming workshop.

*   *   *   *   *

I invite you to join us at NIRI-Chicago’s 2018 Investor Relations Workshop:  Strategic IR for Transformational Times on September 28.  Registration and agenda will be posted on NIRI-Chicago’s website in late June 2018.

Lisa Ciota
Lead-IR Advisors, Inc.

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